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John Melzer

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Annual President’s Award

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Christmas Party December 14, 2021

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2022 - We are at 83 paid up members

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Gold Tees Executive Committee

Vince Franco - President
Al Britsch, Paul Lempert & Charlie Zelinsky

- VP Games
Dale Guzlas - VP Tournaments
John McLaughlin - VP Tournaments
Glen Campbell  - Secretary
Jerry Mithen - Public Relations
Tom Little- Treasurer


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Tom Little


May 20, 2022
2022 Dues
Current Members  $30.00
New Members - $30.00

Tom Little - Treasurer

$5.00 each week you play
($ .50 to Treasury
$2.00 to Bag Drop
$2.50 Weekly Prizes)

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NEW:  Effective immediately we are asking AED carriers to make two quick checks when they take receipt of their AEDs as follows:  Please unzip the AED case and verify that the AED has a green flashing light in the top right hand corner, AND verify that the defibrillator pads are in place (they are in a white package underneath the clear plastic cartridge atop the AED).  No need to touch anything on the AED - only use your eyes and then re-zip the case.  Note that If the light is “not” flashing green, or the pads are “not” in place, the AED is not usable.


Let Paul and Al know if there any corrections to cell phone numbers.  See note about “single teeing” below regarding the following reminders:  Each person that carries an AED is expected to keep his cell phone “on” and in his pocket (versus in his cart) at all times - even on the green.  In addition, each AED carrier is expected to keep his phone on and to keep possession of the AED until the last group (on his side) has finished its round -  - or, if single teeing, then AED carrier closest to last group is expected to wait until last group has finished.

 Thank you, Joe Stacey

July 1, 2020

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Score Card Example

 May 25, 2022 

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