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Gold Tee Score Cards

Lately, we have experienced inconsistencies in filling out our scorecards.
To correct this problem, we have developed a recommended format:

Some additional recommendations are as follows:

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    Rules for Playing with a Blind

 Three players rotate the seven extra drives; (play your own ball on par 3’s).

 The rotation order is as follows: the highest handicap player would get two drives on Holes #1, #6 and #9 (or #10, #14 and #18); the next highest handicap player would get two drives on Holes #3 and #7 (or #11 and #16); the low handicap player would get two drives on Holes #4 and #8 (or #13 and #17). This order cannot be changed.

 First drive is the players, second drive is the blind’s.

 The blind is subject to the same rules as the players – e.g. if the game is three maximum and one minimum drive, the blind must meet the same requirements.

 Your team will be given a score closest to the blind’s handicap.

Hole-in-One Insurance Fund Policy



July 21, 2020
2020 Dues
Current Members  $15.00
New Members - $15.00

Frank Hawkins - Treasurer

$5.00 each week you play
($ .50 to Treasury
$2.00 to Bag Drop
$2.50 Weekly Prizes)

December 8, 2020 Christmas Party . 
2020 - We are at 91 paid up members

Gold Tees Executive Committee

Vince Franco - President
Paul Kelly - VP Emeritus
John Melzer - VP Games & Head Chef
Al Britsch & Paul Lempert - VP Games
Dale Guzlas - VP Tournaments
 John McLaughlin - VP Tournaments
Glen Campbell  - Secretary
Jerry Mithen - Public Relations
Frank Hawkins - Treasurer
Ed Sheldon, Dave Philips, Al Carline, &
Bob Thompson - Directors

Annual President’s Award

John & Allan

2019 POTYs

2020 DUES
New Members $15

New Members must belong to the Tradition Golf Club


How to do CPR
Animated video.  Four minutes long. Narrated by a pretty young Scottish lass.

Show at least one half hour before your tee time!
Show at least one half hour before your tee time!
August 5, 2020



Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association

Hole-in-One Insurance Fund Policy

New members must pay $3.00 at the time they join the Gold Tees to be eligible for the Hole-in-One Insurance. The money for the fund is included the general club treasury and is not broken out separately.

Non member guests of Gold Tee Golf Association members are not eligible for Hole-in-One payouts.

The hole-in-one must occur during Gold Tee league play and be witnessed by at least one other Gold Tee player.

To be clear, this fund is for after golf beverage insurance.  It is not to be considered prize money. The treasury payout for a hole-in-one celebration will be capped at $250.  This amount should cover reasonable Tradition Golf Club beverage charges.  Any surplus does not go to the individual.  In addition, the Association will provide an Association approved plaque honoring the occasion at a cost not to exceed $35.

Payouts will be paid from the Gold Tees general treasury.  The Fund will be replenished annually at the time annual dues are paid at a cost of $3.00 per member.  In the event multiple hits to the fund are experienced in one year, the replenishment amount will be adjusted accordingly.

Example: Since we had a hole-in-one this year, our member dues for 2019 will be $15.00 plus an extra $3.00 for the Fund.

Gold Tees Executive Committee

March 9, 2005

May 18, 2012: non-member payout eliminated

May 8, 2018: payout increased to $250

March 11, 2019: payout clarified

The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog

Gold Tee Suggestions for Speeding Up Pace of Play


FUN and FELLOWSHIP are two of the main visions of our Gold Tee League.

The objective of these suggestions is to try and minimize the waiting time in the Club House as the groups of golfers complete their play.

We all enjoy the Joke of the Day by Paul Kelly and also having the “winners” called out and given their “chits”.  The photos that show up on the web site each week and the newspaper results are appreciated by all of us.  

The following are suggestions we would like to try in the coming weeks to finish the rounds in a minimum amount of time.  We would appreciate it if you would follow these suggestions when you fall behind the group in front of you.

1. Play ready golf – from the tee to the green, for example, whoever gets to the tee first should hit away.  If you’re at your ball in the fairway without anyone in your way – hit the ball even if you’re not further away from the green than other balls.  Assuming you’re not in the line of flight of (a ball of) someone behind you.

2. Cart driving – drop off a person and move on to the second ball.  Especially if the balls (from one cart) aren’t too far apart. Another option is parking the cart between you and your cart mate’s ball and each walk to your respective balls.

3. Lost balls and Out of Bounds – hit a provisional ball if you think you may have a lost ball or it went out of bounds. If you cannot find your ball and drop one where you “think” it want out of bounds. However, you cannot use your score.

4. Pick up ball if out of the hole for scoringdepending on the game and situation use your judgment and pick up your ball if your score is irrelevant to the foursome’s score for a particular hole. Remember, double net bogey is your max score.  

5. Record score without delaying play - go to next tee and record score there allowing play to resume behind your group.  

6. Put golf club away quickly - return to cart and put club back into bag later especially if it needs cleaning. Remember, you will have plenty of time to clean your club and put it away while your teammates are hitting their shots further down the fairway.

Gold Tee Rules (December 2017)

The following are the rules used during Gold Tee Play:

1. Texas Scramble Drive – The ball may be placed within 1 club length of where the drive comes to rest. If the ball is in a hazard or rough it must remain in same.

2. All balls may be played as “lift clean and place”

a. In fairway – within 1 club length. If the ball comes to rest in an area without grass, it may be moved to the nearest spot having grass no closer to the hole.

b. In beds, rough, woods, waste bunkers and sand traps – within 6 inches of where it came to rest.

3. Lost Ball or Out of Bounds – the ball can be played within 2 club lengths of where the ball came to rest. With a lost ball within 2 club lengths of where it is believed the ball should be. A 1 stroke penalty is assessed.

4. In a hazard (red stake) – the ball can be played from the hazard without a penalty. In this situation the ball cannot be touched nor the club be grounded. If the ball is not played from the hazard, it can be moved 2 club lengths while incurring a 1 stroke penalty.

5. Drop Areas (holes #7, #9, #14 & #15) – the ball may be placed in the drop area.

6.  Line of sight relief (no closer to the hole) is being granted on hole #2 when the ball comes to rest behind the tall grass at the edge of the waste area or adjacent to the area reinforced with wood and also on hole #11 where the bunker wall has been reinforced with wood.

7. “Gimmie Putts” – No putt can be considered “good” unless it has been measured and some part of the ball is within the leather. The measurement is the putter head is placed inside the cup and some of the ball must be inside the grip. If the ball is picked up or pushed away without being measured, the score cannot be counted toward the team score.

8. Root rule – the ball may be moved away from any roots near your ball to protect the player from injury.

Gold Tees Pecking Order


Pecking Order Specifics

The following represents the May 30, 2019 group membership (total 96) and the methodology associated with implementing the Pecking Order. Our four Social Members – Brugge, Kelly, Murren, and Rice are not included in this listing:

1. Gold Tee Officers (9) – Britsch,  Franco, Guzlas, Hawkins, Lempert, McLaughlin, Melzer, Mithen, and Philips.

2. Tradition residents and TGC members (47) – Baker, Barksdale, Bridges, Campbell, Carline, Caufield, Clifford, Cocores, Cronin, Culpepper, Culver, D’Amato, Davis, Delaney, DiGaudio, Eaglin, Espey, Esposito, Fleiss, Foderaro, Fulton, Goodell, Guilmette, Hayes, Hoile, Jacobs, Keller, Kramer, Krepps, Lasinski, MacDonald, Mandroc, Mayer, McDowell, Mitchell, Monaghan, Pacella, Renault, Rubin, Schwarz, Sheldon, Stacey, Stewart, Strasser, Swanson, Wittig and Wroth.

3. Non-residents (NR) and TGC members (6) – Declet, Jackson, Spataro, Tole, von Leer, and Waikart.

4. Tradition residents who are not TGC members and have been a member of the Gold Tees prior to December 31, 2015 (17) – Akers, Bartha, Bowers,  Heilberg, Kemper, Kendall, Krauth, MacSorely, McElroy, Migas, Muratore, Robic, Sandham, Seibert, Thompson, Wegner, and Werczynski.

5. Non-residents who are not TGC members and have been a member of the Gold Tees prior to December 31, 2015 (4) – Gabelman, Leis, Pearson, and Sturm.

6. New Tradition residents and non-residents (NR) who are not TGC members and became a member of the Gold Tees after January 1, 2016 (9) – Burghardt, DeFlumeri (NR), Jones, Little, MacKenzie, Nagele, O’Brien, Olhausen, and Tuttle. This group would be designated as Associates and would the most affected if we did not have sufficient tee times and needed to reduce players. Players in any category would be cut based upon the least amount of times played during the last quarter.

7. Guests – this group would be the first to be cut if we had an excess of players relative to tee times.


Ladies 9 Bylaws Community TMGC TLGA Members Score Cards #HIO

 Each person that carries an AED is expected to keep his cell phone “on” and in his pocket

 (versus in his cart) at all times - even on the green.  In addition, each AED carrier is expected to keep his phone on and to keep possession of the AED until the last group (on his side) has finished its round.

John Melzer

NEW:  Effective immediately we are asking AED carriers to make two quick checks when they take receipt of their AEDs as follows:  Please unzip the AED case and verify that the AED has a green flashing light in the top right hand corner, AND verify that the defibrillator pads are in place (they are in a white package underneath the clear plastic cartridge atop the AED).  No need to touch anything on the AED - only use your eyes and then re-zip the case.  Note that If the light is “not” flashing green, or the pads are “not” in place, the AED is not usable.

Let me know if any corrections to cell phone numbers.  See note about “single teeing” below regarding the following reminders:  Each person that carries an AED is expected to keep his cell phone “on” and in his pocket (versus in his cart) at all times - even on the green.  In addition, each AED carrier is expected to keep his phone on and to keep possession of the AED until the last group (on his side) has finished its round -  - or, if single teeing, then AED carrier closest to last group is expected to wait until last group has finished.

 Thank you, Joe Stacey

July 1, 2020