Birthday Club

Established February, 2007

* All Gold Tee guys (although about half of the members do play in the TMGC). This is a private, invitation only group and we pay $25 per meeting to rent the Pool House. It is required that all members do some kind of volunteer work for the Gold Tees, the Birthday Club, the TMGC or the Tradition community.

* We meet quarterly in the Pool House (usually the third Tuesday in February, May, August and November) from 5:00 - ? PM

* Our motto is:

- Eatum: Every meeting has a full dinner with appetizers (usually shrimp) and dessert. The cooks are usually Melzer/McLaughlin. However, we do rotate in other guys who like to cook (Sheldon, Robic, Carline, Hayes, Lempert).

We eat well.

- Drinkum: We usually provide beer, wine and soda. BYOB for the hard stuff. We do have a community table and some guys donate libations. We expect members to pay $1 per drink. This money helps offset the cost of renting the Pool House. We supply ice.  

Guzlas is the bartender.

- Roastum: We always have some form of entertainment – throwing things, trivia games, horse race gambling, etc. Conway usually handles this. It is traditional for new members to give a brief (hopefully humorous) introduction of themselves. Expect catcalls.

* Members volunteer for work assignments for each meeting: three guys set-up/serve/clean-up; one guy dishwasher; one guy vacuum; one guy garbage/recycle. You typically work twice a year.

* The Birthday Boys for each quarter sit at the head table and are exempt from working volunteer assignments for that meeting.

* Meeting cost is $10 (or more) per man which goes in the treasury to pay for the next meeting. New members are expected to pay $10 for the current dinner and an additional $10 for the next meeting’s dinner. If you don’t attend the next meeting, your $10 carries over until the next meeting you attend.

* Officers are Franco - Royal Exalted Grand Poo Bah; Guzlas - Chief Scribe (Little Poo); Thompson – Treasurer. The group is a subset of the Gold Tees and its Executive Committee (Britsch, Carline, Conway, Franco, Guzlas, Hawkins, Kelly, McLaughlin, Melzer, Mithen, Philips, Sheldon, Thompson and Woltman).

*New members are expected to provide a brief (hopefully humorous) presentation of their life. Expect catcalls.